4 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Make Your Kitchen More Fabulous

In the kitchen set concept, the kitchen cabinet ideas hold the important roles. The cabinet is the center of a kitchen set. If you pick the wrong kitchen cabinet ideas, then, your kitchen set concept will be such a mess.

Fabulous Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

So, before thinking about the decorations or other additional stuff, think first about what kitchen cabinet ideas pictures that you want to choose. Confuse on what kind of kitchen cabinet ideas that may suit you? Here they are:

1. Blue and Distressed

blue and distressed kitchen cabinet

To enhance the vintage looks inside your kitchen, you don’t have to paint your kitchen cabinet ideas modern into the white or beige one. Blue can also be vintage as long as you know the trick.

One of the good trick to turn blue into vintage is by using it in the cabinet made of distressed wood. You can also do these steps to make the blue, distressed wood cabinet looks more classic.

  • Combined with the white wall to make your kitchen feel like your grandmama kitchen
  • You can add some stuff in calming colors such as the emerald pot, small statues, etc to make your kitchen look more classic.
  • Arrange the stuff inside the cabinet with glass

2. Classic White and Turquoise

glass kitchen cabinet glass kitchen

When full-white color kitchen cabinet looks so boring, never be afraid to play around with other colors. And one of the best color you can use is the turquoise.

Turquoise is a fresh color that makes the ambiance more alive. Therefore, you can paint the background of your kitchen cabinet with the turquoise paint.

Put your best stuff in this transparent cabinet, and you will see how classic your white kitchen would be. This is also such one of the great small kitchen ideas.

3. Red and Glossy

red and glossy kitchen cabinet

Are you a kind of person who loves luxury more than anything? If you really are, then why don’t you put it in the kitchen cabinets?

Instead of using the regular wood kitchen cabinet, you can use this glossy and semi-transparent kitchen cabinet.

Comes in red color, the kitchen cabinet is so high-class, sexy, and dare to show you how worth is the time spending inside the kitchen.

Not only looks so high in class, the red and glossy kitchen cabinet will make your kitchen become fresh, airy, and also more spacious. However, it is a little bit expensive. Yet, looking at how exclusive it is, maybe the price is worth it for you.

4. Whitewashed Wood Kitchen Cabinet

whitewashed wood kitchen cabinet

Do you love the Scandinavian design? Whitewashed wood must be inside your list.

The whitewashed wood will enhance the simplicity inside the room, as well as inside the kitchen. It is best used as the material for the kitchen cabinets above. Look at how modern yet simple is that.

The whitewashed cabinets come in very simple design. No overrated design is needed because it is what Scandinavian design want to enhance: the modernity, simple design, but useful things.

Combine the whitewashed wood kitchen cabinet with the white ceramics floor in big size and white kitchen wall. Not only easy to clean, it also makes the impression that your kitchen looks bigger.

The kitchen cabinet ideas are important. Because the cabinets themselves are made not only to keep your stuff and other cooking equipment but also as the things to make the kitchen looks more fabulous.

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