Best Time To Visit Yellowstone You Need To Know

Best Time to Visit Yellowstone – The region is characterized by long, cold winters and short, relatively mild summers. There is not a lot of moisture, winter or summer , and the air is dry, except for the brief wet season in March and April.

Cold and snow can linger into April and May– blizzards can even hit the area in mid-June– although temperatures are generally warming. During spring, a warm jacket, rain gear, and water-resistant walking shoes could be welcome traveling companions.

Remember, too, that the atmosphere is thin at this altitude, so sunscreen is a must. Because summer thunderstorms are common, you’ll probably be glad you’ve included a waterproof shell or umbrella.

As fall approaches, you’ll want to have an additional layer of clothing because temperatures remain mild but begin to cool. The first heavy snows typically fall in the valley by November 1 (much earlier in the mountains) and continue through March or April. Aspen trees turn bright yellow; cottonwoods turn a deeper gold.

During winter months, you’ll want long johns, heavy shirts, vests, coats, warm gloves, and thick socks. Temperatures hover in single digits (negative teens Celsius), and subzero overnight temperatures are common. Ultracold air can cause lots of health problems, so drink fluids, keep an extra layer of clothing handy, and don’t overexert yourself.

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Best Time to Visit Yellowstone

Best Time To Visit Yellowstone National Park – Autumn, winter, and summer are the best times to visit the Northern Rockies. A popular song once romanticized “Springtime in the Rockies,” but that season lasts for about 2 days in early June.

Typically, from mid-June on, you can hike, fish, camp, and watch wildlife, and if you come before July 4 or after Labor Day, you won’t have to share the view all that much. Wildflowers bloom at these elevations in early summer– beginning in May in the lower valleys and plains , while in the higher elevations they open up in July.

Autumn is not just the time when the aspens turn gold, it’s also the time when gateway motel and restaurant rates are lower and the roads are less crowded. That allows you to pay more attention to the wildlife, which is busy fattening up for the winter.

Winter is a glorious season here, although not for everyone. It can be very cold, but the air is crystalline, the snow is powdery, and the skiing is fantastic. If you drive in the parks’ vicinity in the winter, always carry winter clothing, sleeping bags, extra food, flashlights, and other safety gear. Every resident has a horror story about being caught unprepared in the weather.

Best Way to Travel to Yellowstone


Billings, Montana, is only 40 miles northeast of Yellowstone; Bozeman is 50 miles directly north of the park. Upon landing, visitors can be and rent a car in Yellowstone within just a couple of hours.

Yellowstone is easily reachable from just about anywhere in the United States. From the interstates, visitors must travel on local roads to gain direct access to the park. There are many motels located in the towns surrounding the park as well as a few hotels in the park itself.


Aside from the expansive nature and exotic wildlife, one of Yellowstone’s most common sights is the line of RVs traveling down its roads. Campsites in and around Yellowstone can accommodate RVs, and many times have water and electricity hookups. RV rentals are available in both Bozeman and Billings.

Best Time to Visit Yellowstone National Park for Photography

Best Time to Visit Yellowstone for Photography – When is the best time to photograph Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, I am often asked. I have been leading tours and workshops in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks for several years. It is one of my favorite places. These parks and the surrounding national forests have incredible wildlife and jaw dropping scenery.

I personally feel May- June and September is the two best months.

June has the baby animals and this attracts more predators like bears and wolves . In June the mountains are snow capped and there is a greater variety of wildflowers in bloom.

September is the drama month. All mammals have the thick fur coats since winter is around the corner. All for a backdrop of Fall Colors.

So why not summer. From July 1 thru labor day weekend. The weather is warmer. There is less wildlife sighting. The park is super crowded you could spend many hours in traffic. The mammals are shedding their winter coats.

How could you go wrong? Honestly it is a great place any time but May-June or September is the best.

Best Time to Visit Yellowstone for/ to See Wildlife Animals

Best Time to Visit Yellowstone to See Wildlife – If you love wildlife viewing the best time to visit Yellowstone National Park is the fall.. As the weather gets cooler many animals such as bears come out of the mountains to start preparing for the winter months, bison begin migrating to their winter feeding grounds, and the behavior of elk changes significantly and they are more visible this time of year. best time to visit Yellowstone National ParkElk are great for viewing during this time because they are in rut and the bull elk are commonly found doing something interesting such as bugling or making unique displays to show their absolute dominance.

The crowds of tourists are usually much smaller during the fall months and the beautiful colors of the leaves and grass in addition to the increased wildlife visibility make fall the best time of year to visit Yellowstone National Park if you don’t mind unpredictable weather and possible road closures. Check the road conditions before you make your travel plans because some roads’ closure dates depend on snowfall. As mentioned before, the weather during the fall can be quite unpredictable and temperatures typically range between 20 ° F and 65 ° F (-7 ° C and 18 ° C) so it’s best to be prepared for whatever variances in weather you might encounter.

Best Time to Visit Yellowstone to Avoid Crowds

Best Time to Visit Yellowstone to Avoid Crowds – The park roads are crowded with trailers, with the well-known spots jammed with a significant portion of the millions who make their treks to Montana and Wyoming every year. Your best bet: Travel before June 15, if possible, or after Labor Day. If you can’t arrange that, then visit the major attractions at off-peak hours when others are eating or sleeping , and you’ll have the park more to yourself.

Give these parks as much time as you can; you’ll experience more at an unhurried pace Whenever you come.

How Much Does It Expense to obtain Into Yellowstone

Best Time to Visit Yellowstone National Park Wyoming – The entrance charge at the gate is $25.00 per vehicle. The pass benefits seven days and will get you in both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. You can buy a one-year pass for $50.00, and you can purchase a National Parks pass for $80.00, which gets you in to all nationwide parks in the country.

Where to Stay in Yellowstone

Old Faithful Inn

Best Time To Visit Yellowstone – Old Faithful Inn YellowstoneThe popular Old Faithful Inn is a nationwide historical landmark and as a result the most asked for lodging center in the park.

Opened in 1904, the Old Faithful Inn is the biggest log hotel in the world, and is styled in exactly what is known as National forest Service Rustic, or as some say, Parkitecture. Even if you do not remain in the Old Faithful Inn, you will wish to see the hotel’s lobby with its enormous stone fireplace and grab a bison hamburger in the dining establishment after seeing the Old Faithful Geyser.

Lodgings vary from suites with well-appointed sitting spaces to easy “Old House Rooms” with shared bathrooms. As of 2013, rate varieties vary from $500/night to just over $100/night for the smaller sized spaces.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel & Cabins

Best Time To Visit Yellowstone – The Lake Yellowstone Hotel is our favorite accommodations alternative in Yellowstone National forest.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel was originally built in 1891, has actually been noted on the National Register of Historic Places because 1991. This historic hotel, originally built in 1891, has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1991, and is presently undergoing a full interior multi-million dollar remodelling. The interior functions a huge Sun Room lobby overlooking Yellowstone Lake and a lake view dining-room. 45 guest spaces will be associated with the first phase of restorations and, when finished, will consist of in-room wired web schedule. When we were there, the recently remodelled rooms were nearly done and we were informed that they are now accepting future appointments for the newly-completed rooms.

Accommodations differ from a three-room presidential suite to frontier cabins clustered near the hotel. As of 2013, rates varied from $599/night for the governmental suite to $141/night for the frontier cabins.

We found this home to be the most elegant of the park’s offerings and considerably took pleasure in the lake views from the large lobby, the restaurant, and park benches on a little boardwalk on the waterside.

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins

Best Time To Visit Yellowstone in June – Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins lies in exactly what was as soon as Fort Yellowstone, and sits a stone’s throw from the Mammoth Hot Springs.

Fort Yellowstone was established in 1891 at Mammoth Hot Springs, and was occupied by the 7th Calvary Routine up until 1918 when the army left Yellowstone and turned the property over to the National forest Service. Residues of Fort Yellowstone are still clearly visible consisting of a chapel integrated in 1913 that today is a preferred wedding place.

Lodgings vary from one-bedroom suites to budget plan cabins with 2013 costs ranging from $459/night to $86/night for the spending plan cabins.

We spent 3 nights in a Frontier Cabin which we found to be comfy, clean, and set around a fantastic grassy location where we were entertained by dozens of Uinta Ground Squirrels.

In addition to enjoying a casual walk to the hot springs, you are highly likely to see elk lazing the grassy locations every day.

The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is also one of the two available lodging options in the winter season.

Canyon Lodge & Cabins

Best Time To Visit Yellowstone in September – Found near the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, the Canyon Lodge & Cabins are popular with those looking for more budget lodgings.

Here you will discover the Dunraven Lodge and Waterfall Lodge which use hotel spaces with western-themed lodge furniture typically with 2 double beds. Cascade Lodge was integrated in 1992, with three floorings and no elevators. Dunraven Lodge was finished in 1998 with 4 floors and elevator access to all floors.

Organized in loops around the complex, you will find cabins integrated in the 50s and 60s to accomodate park guests. You should understand that the “frontier cabins” are very simple, though tidy. We were informed that these units are set up for demolition in the coming years to make method for newer contemporary units.

Prices range from $185/night for the lodge spaces, to $99/night in the frontier cabins, as of summer season 2013.

Grant Town

Best Time To Visit Yellowstone in Fall – Grant Town, called after president Ulysses S. Grant who signed the law which developed Yellowstone as the world’s first national forest, was finished in 1984.

The lodging complex includes 6 two-story structures each consisting of 50 rooms. All spaces have personal bathrooms. Likewise situated in the area are 2 restaurants with lake views (one complete menu and one focusing on a pub-style menu including a selection of burgers; beef, bison, chicken and black bean), a lounge and a small boutique.

The town is located on the southwestern coast of Yellowstone Lake, roughly 20 miles from Old Faithful, and is the nearby place to Grand Teton National Park.

Space rates (summer 2013) are $155/night.

Lake Lodge Cabins

Best Time To Visit Yellowstone in Winter – Lake Lodge is an inviting place where relaxing cabins and lunchroom style dining provide a family-friendly environment. The main lodge homes a wonderful lobby where two fireplaces, a lounge and boutique warmly beckon guests to chat and linger . Cabins with private baths are grouped nearby.

The cabins are available in 3 tastes: Western Cabins– modernly furnished with personal bathrooms equipped with shower or sink, toilet and tub/shower . Generally consists of 2 beds, Frontier Cabins– plain and basic systems integrated in the 1920’s however just recently remodelled. Restrooms include sink, toilet and shower , and Pioneer Cabins– plain and basic units integrated in the 1920’s. Restrooms include sink, shower and toilet .

Room rates differ from $188/night to $75/night for the easy systems (2013 rates).

Old Faithful Lodge Cabins

Best Time To Visit Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore – This historic cabin facility lies near Old Faithful Inn and includes a one-story main lodge integrated in the 1920’s including enormous logs and stone pillars.

Significant views of the Old Faithful Geyser can be seen from the bakeshop and cafeteria-style food court. The big boutique is also found in the lodge. Fundamental cabins are equipped with or without bath and organized close by.

Here you will discover 2 kinds of cabins: Frontier– basic yet comfortable units with a toilet, shower and sink , and Budget plan– units with sinks but without a personal bath. Toilets and communal showers lie close by the cabins.

As of the summertime of 2013, rates ranged from $115/night for the Frontier Cabins, while the Budget Cabins are priced at $69/night.

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