Best Time to Visit Bermuda Island 2017. Avoid Bermuda Hurricane Season!

When is the best time to visit Bermuda 2017 or what month is the best time to visit Bermuda, you will think: a semitropical island, Bermuda delights in a mild environment; the term “Bermuda high” has actually concerned indicate bright days and clear skies.

The Gulf Stream, which streams in between the island and North America, keeps the climate temperate. There’s no rainy season, and no normal month of excess rain. Showers may be heavy sometimes, but the skies clear quickly.

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Bermuda Hurricane Season History

What is the weather like in Bermuda in May, you ask? You will know when the best time of year to vacation in Bermuda.

This curse of the Caribbean, The Bahamas, and Bermuda hurricane history lasts formally from June to Bermuda in November, however do not stress– less tropical storms pound Bermuda weather in July than the U.S. mainland. Bermuda is also less frequently hit than islands in the Caribbean. Satellite projections are usually able to provide appropriate caution of any actually dangerous weather.

If you’re worried, you can call the closest branch of the National Weather Service (it’s listed under the U.S. Department of Commerce in the phonebook) before you decide best time to go to Bermuda cruise or what things to do in Bermuda in December that suits you. Radio and TELEVISION weather forecast from the National Hurricane Center in Coral Gables, Florida, will likewise keep you posted.

To find the current climate condition in Bermuda, and a 5-day projection, go to Bermuda Weather condition at

Best Time to Visit Bermuda in January / February 2017


January is the second to the coldest month of the year in Hamilton, Bermuda with the typical low temperature levels at 63° F(17° C)and the average heats at 70° F (21° C).

In February, however, Bermuda gets its coldest temperature levels of the year as the average low temperature level sinks to 61° F (16° C). The typical high temperature level also sees a decrease and falls to 68° F (20° C).

Best Time to Go Visit Bermuda Island in March / April 2017


March sees temperatures the high temperature average rising back to 70° F (21° C). On the other hand, the low temperature level average remains the same at 61° F (16° C). Visitors to Hamilton throughout this month can anticipate some frequent showers with the typical rainfall rate at 140 mm.

Hamilton Weather in April: The temperature level continues its upward pattern in April as both the typical high and average low temperatures increase a couple of degrees each. The low and high temperature variety develop a variety of 64° F (18° C)to 72° F (23° C).

Bermuda in June / May


What is Bermuda weather and water temperature in early or end of May 2017, Hamilton sees its lowest precipitation average of the year with just 70 mm of expected rainfall.

The typical high temperature level gets a considerable bump up to 77° F(25° C) while the average low temperature level sees a nearly equivalent increase at 68° F (20° C).

Best month to visit Bermuda? Let’s take a look: Bermuda weather in June 2017 brings even warmer temperature level with the heat typical reaching 82° F (28° C). The low temperature average gets a 5-degree bump approximately 73° F (23° C).

What to do in Bermuda in June? Hmm. 🙂

Bermuda Weather in July and August 2017


Best time to visit Bermuda for weather in July, rainfall average increase to 150 mm (humidity up). Increasing alongside the anticipated rains are both the average high and average low temperature in Bermuda in August level, which procedure at 86° F (30° C) and 79° F (26° C) respectively. Watch out Bermuda in July hurricane season!

Bermuda weather in August: It’s best time of year to visit Bermuda in August at Hamilton. Regardless of the high temperature average holding steady at 86° F (30° C), the low temperature average sees a 2-degree increase to 79° F (26° C).

Bermuda Weather in September and October 2017


What is the weather like in Bermuda in September? It brings simply a little bit of respite from the heat to Hamilton. Both the typical high and average low temperatures reduce by 2 degrees to 86° F (30° C) and 79° F (26° C). Cruising to Bermuda in September? Perfect!

Temperature in Bermuda in October: Hamilton gets the most rains out of the year with the precipitation average at 200 mm. The low and heat averages decrease to a variety of 73° F (23° C) to 81° F (27° C).

Bermuda Weather in November / December 2017


Bermuda Thanksgiving!

Bermuda weather temperature November celsius brings much cooler weather condition with the typical high temperature level at 75° F (24° C). The typical low temperature level is at 68° F (20° C). You must think twice before do the things to do in Bermuda in November. It’s cold, y’know!

Hamilton Weather in December: Rainfall is moderately in December with about 120 mm of rain to be expected. The high temperature average sees a 3-degree decrease to 72° F (22° C) while the low temperature level typical come by 4 degrees to 64° F (18° C).

Can you swim in Bermuda in December? Oh, please… But, yes, you must try Christmas in Bermuda. 🙂

So, When is Best Time to Visit Bermuda Island?


The best time to visit Bermuda weather is either March or April when the temperate weather becomes enjoyable for beach bathing even if it’s not rather warm enough for swimming. And the costs aren’t as high as they are throughout the busiest season, from May to October.

If you’re more thinking about golfing, plan your trip for the winter– you’ll get the greatest discount at the hotels, plus the islands aren’t almost as crowded.

Bermuda High Season


May to October is the summertime season in Bermuda. This is the time when the weather is at its finest. The mornings are excellent and warm, evenings are romantic and the nights are cool.

Cruises and flights operate routinely throughout the entire summertime when loads of tourists keep visiting the island, June, July, August and September are the 4 months which are typically the busiest time in summer.

The official summer season starts on Bermuda Day (which is typically on May 24). Throughout summer season all the beaches in Bermuda get alive with a lot of beach activities. And many celebrations and night time home entertainment take location in the island throughout this time.

The following are the most attractive Bermuda beaches with lovely settings, some are also fantastic for swimming & snorkeling:

Bermuda Beaches Horseshoe Bay

This stunningly lovely south coast beach is a curved stretch of pink sand and situated in Southampton parish. The beach has actually been regularly ranked among the leading beaches of the world by various global publications.

Expectedly this is by far the most popular and crowded beach. The beach extends to east a long way (i.e. left as you deal with the water) and there is a path.

If you walk to east, you will discover numerous sandy areas that are reasonably peaceful and beautiful. Couple of actions towards west there is a beautiful pictureque cove surrounded by rocks – Port Royal Cove.

The shallow water here is ideal for kids and households. the Horseshoe Bay Beach has all centers consisting of cafe, concession, toilet & shower and so on. It’s about 35 minutes by bus (# 7) from dockyard (Kings Wharf cruise port) and 25 minutes from Hamilton city.

Tobacco Bay Beach Bermuda

Located at St George parish, this small beach is fantastic for snorkeling and you get fascinating view of colorful marine life in addition to corals. There are great deals of rock formations on the water making them perfect house for the fish.

While this is not a pink sandy beach as some of the south shore beaches are, the setting is perfect. The beach a beach bar, snorkel rentals, altering and bathroom centers.

Warwick Long Bay Bermuda Beach

This is another fantastic south coast beach & reasonably remote. It’s half a mile long stretch of pink sands and situated at Warwick parish. A trail from the beach along the cliff side and through dunes to Horseshoe bay beach lets you explore a number of other lovely beaches and coves consisting of Jobsons Cove, Stonehole Bay etc

You can likewise stroll along the waterline to reach the other beaches. This is an excellent beach for snorkeling. A concession stand generally remains open throughout summertime season (May to October) and you can lease snorkel gears. Public toilets available. It takes about 40 minutes by bus (# 7) from dockyard and about 20 minutes from Hamilton City.

Elbow Beach

This beautiful south coast beach has a gentle curve resembling an elbow and for this reason such a name. There is a private area of the beach that belongs to resorts, the public section is also outstanding.

There are reefs as well as a shipwreck near the shore. There is an on-beach bar & restaurant run by Elbow Beach Hotel. It takes about 50 minutes by bus (# 7) from the dockyard to reach the closest bus stop and about 10 minutes from Hamilton. From the bus stop, the beach is about 500 backyards.

Jobson’s Cove

This is a fantastic little & remote cove surrounded by steep cliffs. Jobson’s cove lies at Warwick parish and can be quickly accessible from Warwick Long Bay beach along the beachside path.

Although there are no facilities here, you can walk down and obtain the centers at Warwick Long Bay. From dockyard, bus # 7 takes about 40 minutes to the nearest bus stop on south road.

Bermuda Low Season

The low or off season in Bermuda is the winter time in between November to March. The day time is happily cool although you will require jackets in mornings and late evenings.

This time in Bermuda has its own benefits. The very first is that there are barely any travelers, so there is so much space for you and whole Bermuda looks so much more appealing & serene.

Something though, many of the popular tourist destinations and water activities stay closed or run in reduced hours during winter time.

A number of destinations continue to stay open in winter like the National Museum at the dockyard, Botanical Gardens in Paget, Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo, Art Galleries, Crystal & Dream Caves complex and more.

Water temperature throughout winter may not be comfortable for a swim, you can use a wetsuit and swim, snorkel or even dive. And water visibility throughout winter season is far higher than summer season.

The rates offered by hotels, tour operators and others throughout this time can be as low as 50% of the peak rates. Solutions are so much better everywhere throughout this time. There are special walking trips arranged in Bermuda throughout the winter.

Playing golf in Bermuda throughout winter is at its peak and it’s that much simpler to get tee times due to less visitors. Shopping around this time in Bermuda is an excellent enjoyment as most stores go empty being devoid of tourists.

National Museum of Bermuda

The earlier Bermuda Maritime Museum (BMM) located at the dockyard in Sandys, has actually been expanded, exhibits and programs improved making it the National Museum of Bermuda. The initial museum was established in 1974 and officially opened in 1975.

It was housed in the 10-acre location of the great fortress The Keep. In December 2009 the Bermuda government chose to transfer the Casemates Barracks, additional buildings and strongholds to the existing Maritime Museum giving it a nationwide stature covering an expanded location of 15 acres of land.

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo, also referred to as the BAMZ simply put, is one of our favorite attractions in Bermuda. Located in the stunning Flatts Village in Hamilton parish, BAMZ was founded in 1926. It uses 3 various attractions in Bermuda in the same complex, the Fish tank, the Museum and a Zoo.

You need to budget 2 to 3 hours to enjoy the whole of BAMZ. We would normally check out the complex when the one-hour free directed tour starts.

The Fish tank is truly the main destination at the BAMZ. We would constantly begin our tour by first collecting a sound-stick at the entryway. It plays recorded commentaries as you check out the numerous tanks revealing Bermuda’s undersea ecosystem.

The Museum in BAMZ is open daily from 9am to 5pm. It has just recently undergone some major facelift.

The Zoo in BAMZ is rather little. However, the authorities here have actually done a very nice task of establishing a natural surroundings for the animals.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Located in Hamilton Parish Bermuda, Crystal Caves is among the largest and well-known caves in the island. It has to do with 36 meters (120 feet) listed below the ground level. With its significant formations of stalactites and stalagmites which are crystal-like pointed structures naturally formed out of limestone rocks, the view of the sight is just incredible.

There is a lake called the Cahow Lake within the caves complex and it has crystal clear water. You can stroll over a pontoon bridge that goes throughout the lake. The lake has a depth of 17 meters (55 feet).

This article about best time to visit Bermuda island is over, but your journey ain’t. Pack your bag and haste to Bermuda, mate!

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