About Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height [Ultimate Guide]

Unless you are managing personalized kitchen cabinets, which can have any type of measurements, you will certainly discover far better costs and also foreseeable sizing with supply or semi-custom standard kitchen cabinet height.

While not an extensive overview, this does cover a significant bulk of standard kitchen cabinet height and depth measurements.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height

Base Cabinets: Height, Depth, as well as Representative Widths

Base cabinets are the workhorse of kitchen style. Base kitchen cabinets are mounted straight on the standard kitchen cabinet height from floor.

Counters are laid on them, sinks mounted within them, dishwashing machines as well as varies bracketed by them, as well as pots as well as frying pans are saved within them. Simply put, kitchen base cabinets are one of the most costly, and also for an excellent factor: we ask a great deal of them.

It is feasible to construct a kitchen without wall surface cabinets, however it is difficult to do so without base cabinets. Without any base cabinets, there would certainly be no kitchen counters. This is a fast overview, with information given:

34.5 inches – Height, No Counters
35 to 36 inches – Height, With Counters
24 inches – Depth, No Counters
25 to 26 inches – Depth, With Counters
12, 18, 24, 30, 33, 36, 48 inches – Standard Widths

Standard Upper Cabinet Height

Height (Without Countertops): 34.5″

Base cabinet height is the one that is the least variable. Building regulations as well as approved style methods like to anxiety availability, and also the incorrect height is the one element that can make a base cabinet unattainable.

Raw base cabinets begin at 34.5″ high, with no counter top or substratum.

Standard Wall Cabinet Height

Height (With Countertops): 35″ to 36″

After including a counter top, the ultimate height is in between 35″ as well as 36″.

Height is versatile. For instance, Dupont permits straight installment of 1/2″ Corian straight onto a helpful structure, without a continual underlayment. Including a padding could include one more 1/2″ to the height.

It is typically stated that “counter tops must fit the individual.” As a result of specific requirements, counter tops occasionally go as reduced as 32″ and also as high as 38″.

Upper Cabinet Height Options

Deepness (Without Countertops): 24″

Base cabinet deepness is the range from the external side of the cabinet itself to the wall surface behind it.

Base cabinets have a tendency to be restricted to 24″. Much deeper base cabinets make it hard for you to get to the rear of the counter or to connect in devices.

If you have actually ever before had trouble getting to things in a blind edge (where 2 collections of cabinets satisfy at a best angle), you will certainly understand exactly how ranges past 24″ swiftly come to be challenging.

Standard Height of Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Deepness (With Countertops): 25″ to 26″

Kitchen counters typically overhang on the front to conceal the leading side of the base cabinets. Relying on counter top side information, this overhang might include an additional inch or 2.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet from Floor

Widths: 12″ to 48″

Base cabinet size is the terrific variable, and also each cabinet has a tendency to be intended towards particular usages.

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Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height from Counter

Wall Surface Cabinet Sizes: Height, Depth, Widths

Wall surface cabinets are made use of for keeping food and also light-weight kitchen executes. They are affixed straight to the wall surface studs with screws.

They are additionally the masterpiece of your kitchen. While base cabinets have a tendency to conceal down listed below the kitchen counter, well listed below eye degree, wall surface cabinets are at height degree and also reveal themselves as soon as possible. One pointer with kitchen cabinets for conserving cash is to buy fundamental base cabinets yet spend lavishly extra on wall surface cabinets with devices you might appreciate, like glass inserts on in-cabinet illumination.

12 to 48 inches – Height
12 to 24 inches – Depth
12 to 36 inches – Width

Height: 12″ to 48″

Height often tends to be restricted given that the cabinets require to fit in between the counter and also the ceiling. Typical wall surface cabinet elevations are 12″, 36″, as well as 48″. The 12″ cabinets fit nicely over refrigerators.

Deepness: 12″ to 24″

Optimum deepness for wall surface cabinets is 24″ since it can not go beyond the deepness of base cabinets.

Size: 12″ to 36″

A standard, solitary- or double-door wall surface cabinet size is 30″. Cabinets can run as slim as 12″ or 15″. Cabinets broader than 36″ are normally not utilized.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Height Above Counter

High Cabinet Sizes: Height, Depth, Width

High kitchen cabinets might be called kitchen cabinets or energy cabinets. As befits the name, high kitchen cabinets can also prolong from flooring to ceiling.

84 and also 96 inches – Height
12 as well as 24 inches – Depth
12 to 36 inches – Width

Height: 84″ and also 96″

Those 96″ cabinets touch the ceiling (if you have standard 8′ ceilings). The 84″ high cabinets offer you one foot of breathing space over the cabinet– totally visual.

Deepness: 12″ and also 24″

The factor behind these 12″ deep cupboard cabinets is due to the fact that they are made use of for saving food. If the cabinets were any kind of much deeper, you would certainly shed food at night areas in back.

Pull-outs and also sliders offer higher performance to the deep, 24″ deep high cabinets.

Widths: 12″ to 36″

12″: Narrow kitchen cabinets hold much more food than you could believe. And also, they can suit otherwise-neglected rooms.

24″: A great middle-of-the-road choice that fits lots of residences.

36″: If you desire pull-outs and also storage space on the doors, you’ll require a bigger kitchen cabinet.

Whether you are looking for an in-depth understanding of standard kitchen cabinet height or you want some expert advice when choosing the perfect cabinets for you and your family, have a look this article.

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